Owning a Dog: Reading Comprehension

Brendan’s excellent pal is Tip. Tip and Brendan are 貓移民美國   inseparable. They teach each different things and that they appearance after each other. Tip has helped Brendan become more responsible, more caring, and a higher buddy. Brendan is a 9-yr-vintage boy, and Tip is a ten-yr-vintage dog. Brendan and Tip are an instance of ways owning a canine may have a fine effect on a infant’s development. Having a dog develops a baby’s feel of obligation, broadens his capacity for empathy, and teaches the nature of friendship.

Having a canine helps a infant learn how to act responsibly. As a dog proprietor, the child should deal with the animal’s day by day wishes. The canine need to be fed and exercised each day. A dog is completely dependent on its owner for all its wishes, along with the need for correct health and a safe surroundings. Therefore, being accountable for a dog additionally method taking care of the canine in order that it remains healthy. Furthermore, the proprietor ought to take duty for the safety of the canine and the safety of the humans it comes into touch with. If the kid forgets any of these obligations and duties, or ignores any of the dog’s needs, the dog will suffer. This teaches the kid that his duty to the canine is more important than his preference to play with his toys, speak at the smartphone, or watch TV. This is real not most effective for the care of a canine, but additionally for the care of oneself, another man or woman, or one’s activity. Learning the way to take obligation for the fitness and welfare of a dog leads to learning the way to take duty for oneself.

Another lesson that a toddler can research from having a canine is a way to be empathetic. Empathy is the potential to position oneself in some other character’s, or in this situation any other creature’s, scenario and believe that man or woman’s or creature’s feelings or problems. A dog cannot express itself with speech, so its proprietor must discover ways to interpret its behaviour. The toddler need to learn how to understand what the canine’s behaviour manner. Is the dog worried, aggressive, or ill? The baby desires to understand what goes on inside the dog’s mind. Understanding a scenario from the canine’s angle helps the kid apprehend why the canine is behaving in a sure way and what the dog desires. The end result of getting to know to examine a canine’s behaviour is that the kid develops empathy. By learning the way to empathize with a canine, the kid also learns the way to empathize with different people. This leads to the kid becoming a more thoughtful and worrying person.

Being considerate and worrying are important traits in a terrific buddy. One of the maximum full-size blessings of owning a dog is the instance of true friendship that a dog offers. A dog gives unconditional like to its proprietor. A canine will not prevent loving its owner due to a little anger, indifference, or overlook. The dog will wait patiently for its proprietor to pat its head and say a few type words. This acceptance of the negative features and appreciation for the effective characteristics of its proprietor offer a first rate version of a way to be an awesome pal. A infant soon realizes that his dog will constantly concentrate to him, will continually be geared up to play with him, will constantly protect him, and could usually forgive him. A infant who has learned to be even half of as correct a friend to others as his canine is to him could have found out one of the maximum valuable training in existence.

These are a number of the maximum important instructions a child will ever study. The benefits of owning a dog will remaining the kid’s entire lifetime. The know-how and appreciation of duty, empathy, and friendship that a infant develops from the enjoy of having a dog will help her or him grow right into a dependable, caring, and mature adult.


Story by using Charlotte Sheldrake, English Language Centre
Exercises by means of Deborah Albert, English Language Centre
Audio version finished with the aid of Cam Culham, English Language Centre
Clipart used with permission from Microsoft. Please see media limit on our Terms of Use page.





The canine’s name is _________.
? Tip
? Brendan
? Brennan
? Kip
Which of the subsequent have a effective impact on a toddler’s development?
? Feeling accountable
? Feeling empathy
? Constructing friendships
? All the above
A toddler learns a way to be responsible for a dog through _________.
? Taking care of the dog’s every day needs
? Taking away a safe surroundings
? Feeding the dog weekly
? Turning into depending on the canine
Learning a way to take care of a canine can assist children _________.
? To take of themselves
? To select the dog over playing
? To get welfare
? To disregard the canine’s wishes
Children can discover ways to _________.
? Apprehend the dog’s needs
? Simplest care approximately themselves, and no longer others
? Get rid of the canine they don’t want to attend to it
? Be irresponsible
The dog’s owner have to interpret which of the following from their canine’s behaviour?
? Worry
? Happiness
? Infection
? All the above
Which of the subsequent is a fine end result of learning how to interpret a canine’s behaviour?
? Becoming egocentric
? Becoming empathetic
? Becoming smug
? Being inconsiderate
What kind of love does a dog provide?
? Shallow
? One-sided
? Conditional
? Unconditional
Which of the following is NOT a benefit of a infant owning a canine?
? Companionship
? Reliability
? Friendship
? Forget about
In what ways is a dog dependable? Click on the box beside each correct answer after which click on on “Check”.
It is capable of tolerate the negative qualities of humans.
It will defend humans.
It neglects its owner.
It gives unconditional love.

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