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For centuries, nobility and the top training have  Swiss made dive watch  avidly accrued wonderful clocks and complicated timepieces. Today, but, way to a dynamic pre-owned prestige watch market, excessive-quit horology is a more democratic hobby, and for some human beings, it’s an obsession. With the assist of credit score cards and installment payments, on line income of pre-owned, prestige watches are the new regular at this factor in horological records. What’s more, financial analysts Kepler Cheuvreux and the worldwide enterprise method company Boston Consulting Group peg the global pre-owned watch market’s price at about $20 billion. They estimate that approximately 35% of pre-owned watch income currently occur online, while fifty five% show up offline, and 10% take location at auction.

To better understand why such a lot of human beings are shopping for the sort of high quantity of pre-owned watches online in place of in brick and mortar settings, this creator quizzed Eugene Tutunikov, CEO of SwissWatchExpo.Com, the Atlanta-based totally pre-owned prestige watch e-tailer. While the circle of relatives-owned company additionally has an Atlanta showroom, it normally continues an inventory of 3,000 timepieces and updates new arrivals to the website online on an hourly foundation. From November 23 via November twenty ninth, 2021, SwissWatchExpo.Com is offering $150.00 off on all purchases with the coupon code BLACKFRIDAY150. “Although Black Friday officially falls on November 26 this yr,” Tutunikov stated, “We’re morphing it into per week-long occasion for you to unfold desirable watch vibes this excursion season.” Having already offered to over 30,000 clients worldwide, Tutunikov tasks that, “This excursion season, we expect to help over 2,400 clients discover high-quality watches.”

Omega Speedmaster Silver Snoopy Award fiftieth Anniversary
This unique Speedmaster version celebrates the 50th anniversary of the “Silver Snoopy Award” that … [+] SWISSWATCHEXPO.COM
Various elements are using the growth of the pre-owned watch marketplace, in line with Tutunikov. To begin with, he mentioned, “Increased global wealth, pushed by stocks and cryptocurrencies, at the side of ever greater new on line watch collector and information sites, are all instructing younger folks that are starting to buy and sell pre-owned luxury watches on line.” He introduced that Swiss-watch collecting musicians like Jay-Z (who name tests Hublot and Richard Mille in his lyrics) and filmmakers like Spike Lee, who collects Rolexes and wears them at the pink carpet, plus prominent social media bills, are all powering sales of pre-owned Swiss watches. Tutunokov additionally located that, “In 2020, leading Swiss-made luxurious watch manufacturers like Audemars Piguet, Patek Philippe, Rolex, Richard Mille and Omega all maintained the restrained production runs that have traditionally driven demand for his or her elegant; expertly engineered and highly-priced timepieces.” The demand for luxury watches outstrips retail supply and has thus fostered long waiting lists. Given that pre-owned prestige watches fee less than modern-day fashions, “Watch fanatics who’re tired of waiting are increasingly more turning to the pre-owned marketplace to satisfy their wishes,” Tutunikov stated.

Rolex GMT-Master II Pepsi watch with Jubilee Bracelet
The sporty 2018 Rolex GMT-Master II 126710 revives the legendary stainless steel “Pepsi” model with … [+] SWISSWATCHEXPO.COM
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In an age wherein billions people carry smartphones with integrated clocks, why does anybody experience the want to buy a pre-owned wrist watch, specially one that charges as a great deal as say, the Vacheron Constantin Overseas Steel and Rose Gold chronograph with grey dial, #49150? This timepiece retails on SwissWatchExpo.Com for $23,990.00 and springs with producer’s papers and box, and gleams with an 18-karat rose gold bezel, screwed-down crown and pushers. With a 30-minute sub-dial at the three o’clock aperture; a small seconds sub-dial on the six o’clock aperture and a 12-hour sub-dial on the 9 o’clock aperture, it exudes smart sublime. Tutunikov ventured this idea as to why expensive watches inclusive of this are so widely coveted: “Prestige watches encompass the history of engineering and complex watchmaking heritage, and they’re manufactured from precision-tuned elements plus noble metals like gold or sturdy, good-looking and light-weight metals like titanium. These types of watches provoke with fashionable and powerful presence. Because they’re constructed to final multiple lifetime, they signify endurance, precision and artistry.” (As it occurs, Tutunikov wears a Rolex Sky-Dweller, which shows the time in time zones simultaneously and has an annual calendar.)

Rolex Sky-Dweller with Jubilee Bracelet
Like different coveted Rolex timepieces, the Sky-Dweller is produced in confined numbers and consequently has a … [+] SWISSWATCHEXPO.COM
In all fairness, it need to be referred to that on line, there are pre-owned watch-selling systems wherein some clients don’t always understand who they’re shopping for from. Moreover, a few sellers in no way divulge that the pre-owned timepieces they’re promoting include parts which were never part of the unique fashions— or that the watch is working improperly. Such ‘Frankenwatches’ are forbidden at SwissWatchExpo.Com. As Tutunikov explained, “Our watchmakers meticulously inspect every single watch to make sure that parts are specific to that unique version. For instance,” he associated, “we might by no means convert a Rolex stainless steel version to a metallic and gold version, or vice versa.” Another example concerns crystals. “We might by no means place a artificial sapphire crystal on a vintage version which rightfully requires an acrylic one. While we would never put a vintage motion in a present day case to make a Frankenwatch,” he continued, “we would also by no means upload accessories which includes a diamond dial, diamond bezel, or diamond bracelet on a watch that never belonged to the unique model.”

Vacheron Constantin Overseas Dual Time Rose Gold
Ideal for people with commercial enterprise, own family and/or buddies in two time zones, the Vacheron Constantin … [+] SWISSWATCHEXPO.COM
Another factor riding the net sales of pre-owned watches has been the Covid-19 pandemic. Because the arena’s watch fanatics were homebound considering that March 2021, “Covid-related lockdowns drove many people, together with first-time pre-owned luxurious watch consumers, to begin buying on line,” Tutunikov ventured. “Industry facts truely shows that on-line income of pre-owned luxurious goods constitutes a primary retail trend. Consumers are embracing pre-owned luxurious items, along with watches, as by no means before, and more humans are starting to gather pre-owned watches, as well.”

Rolex Explorer II
Rolex artfully redesigned the Rolex Explorer II in 2021 through giving it a tapered case and thinner lugs … [+] SWISSWATCHEXPO.COM
According to Tutunikov, “Holiday consumers started out coming to us in October. Some clients have referred to to us that they’re paranoid about the dearth of holiday products, even as others are involved that expenses will leap for the goods final.” Nevertheless, “We appear to be speaking to more women customers this holiday season than ultimate. A lot of our women customers have a tendency to buy watches through Cartier,” he persisted. “They realize that the house is a extremely good jeweler and watchmaker that produces undying, elegant portions at various rate factors.” SwissWatchExpo.Com additionally has numerous Rolex customers, Tutunikov stated. “They tend to pick either the conventional ladies’s size models, or guys’s size game watches like the Daytona Cosmograph. When they are buying for themselves, a few ladies customers choose unusual dial colorings and diamond config

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